World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure

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American Society of Civil Engineers participated in the past World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure American Society of Civil Engineers, Nigeria international section also participated in the past World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (WECSI).

The conference held from 2nd to 7th November 2014. The Conference was organized by the World Federation of Engineering Organization(WFEO).

The event hosted a lot of Engineering organizations around the world in Abuja, Nigeria.

Furthermore, the event also featured technical papers and engineering exhibitions including Infrastructure Data Management using Geographical Information System (www.wfeo.org/wp-content/uploads/wecsi2014/A4/.../A4-5.MAINPAPER-Okoye.pdf) presented by Uzo Okoye Felix(MASCE).


The Nigerian Port Authority Industrial Visit

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The aim of the project is to receive much more ocean going vessels of any size directly from foreign waters. The Project being handled by Eco Support Services has some foreign contractors; Trevy and Codecco

In order to achieve this, the construction went 30meters into the ocean. Firstly, after chasing the ocean by filling, a machine was used to drill down and remove the muds; as the machine is removing the muds, it is casting concrete at the same time (the drilling is 24m to 46m into the ocean). Then casing, reinforcement and casting was done and caps were constructed. Desk Slabs (3m) were also constructed and the final concrete topping was done (Insitu Concrete). Shift pile (Anchor walls) was put inside the combiwalls and then the Thyroids were connected to join the two ancor walls (30m). Then between the Thyroids is 1m spacing.

After the final concrete topping has been done for the first 20m into the ocean, it was discovered that the base was not strong enough.
SOLUTION: Long piles were put at a closer spacings and then stronger concrete mix were used for the final concrete topping.

Services Overview

NPA Extension Industrial Visit/Inspection ASCE Nigeria International Section on July 2013 paid an Industrial Visit to the new Nigeria Port Authority Extention construction site. The purpose of the new extension is to receive heavy ships of very high capacities into the Nigerian Lagos Sea port.

Inspection of Construction Sites ASCE Nigeria inspects a construction site. This visit amongst others is to help sanitize the practice of Civil Engineering and ensure that qualified Engineers are handling projects and also that quality services are delivered to the clients.


The “Introduce a girl to engineering” day
American Society of Civil Engineers, Nigeria International section partnered with The Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN) to organize The “Introduce a girl to engineering” day.

Inauguration of Student Chapters
ASCE Nigeria International Section recently inaugurated her student chapter at the Covenant University, Ogun State, Nigeria.